Preventive Maintenance

Everything you need to ensure optimum safety standards

Enhance your AED with our comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program

Respond with confidence

When you invest in our AED, you are purchasing more than just exceptional design and manufacturing—you are also purchasing our commitment to customer care and support.

Complete your AED with our comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program

A Preventive Maintenance service provides you the peace of mind to do your job with confidence. We ensure that your AEDs are ready when you need them, allowing you to focus on your mission.

Confidence in your device readiness with our Preventive Maintenance

  • Proactive maintenance and inspections can help identify issues before they cause problems, minimizing risk
  • Gain access to service experts who are solely focused on HeartSine and Physio Control devices
  • Configured loaner device during preventive maintenance or repairs
  • Minimize unexpected costs and stretch your budget further with discounts on accessories, battery replacements, as well as free loaners and software updates
  • Post-event support


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