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Brayden PRO

Introducing the Brayden Manikins’ brainy new brother, The Brayden Pro CPR Manikin. The Brayden Pro allows for data-driven performance-focused debriefing of CPR training feedback as recommended by AHA/ERC 2015 Guidelines.

The Brayden Pro provides healthcare professionals with quantitative data driven feedback, which can be used to enable students to improve their CPR performance when a data driven need is required. Brayden Pro provides students with real-time feedback during CPR training and also enables detailed post CPR training debriefing by providing quantitative data of key CPR parameters outlined in the AHA/ERC 2015 Guidelines such as compression depth, compression rate, hand position and release. Feedback on hands off time and ventilation performance is also provided from the Pro Manikin.

The Brayden Pro incorporates technology from the proven Brayden Manikin, which helps optimise user familiarity. It is also manufactured to the highest quality to ensure it is a robust, dependable manikin fit for the demands of frequent CPR training. Brayden Pro utilises an intuitive App, which is compatible with commonly available tablet devices (iPad and android devices). This allows trainers to conveniently use.

Real time CPR Feedback
  • Up to 6 manikins can be monitored at one time
  • Connected via Bluetooth
  • Intuitive app & feedback screens
Objective analysis & debriefing
  • Timeline of assessed performance measured through 8 key CPR metrics
  • Quantitative analysis of key CPR metrics for debriefing
  • Can be configured to AHA and ERC (2015) Guidelines
Overall CPR Quality Score calculated & presented over time
  • Objective CPR metrics available as complete event & by individual CPR cycle
  • Android based – data can be exported
Overall CPR Performance
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