Brayden Junior

Easy to Convert
Turn a Brayden Adult to Child CPR training within seconds with Brayden Junior Conversion kit
Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Not necessary to keep various manikins. Optimize your manikin for different age groups with a simple conversion kit

Anatomically Accurate
Visual distinction between Adult CPR Manikin and Child CPR Manikin
AHA and ERC Compliance

Conforming to both American Heart Association (AHA) and European Resuscitation Council (ERC) guidelines

  1. Open up manikin and remove Brayden Adult’s spring
  2. Insert Brayden Junior’s first spring adaptor into the base of the manikin
  3. Connect Brayden Junior’s spring into the spring adaptor
  4. Connect Brayden Junior’s second spring adaptor to the rib frame
  5. Close up the manikin, ensure prongs are placed into the slots properly
  6. Replace Brayden Adult’s face and body skin with Brayden Junior’s face and body skin