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AED Device Supplier in Singapore

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can strike anyone, anywhere and at any time. Are you prepared to help save a life? At HTM Medico, we offers a variety of equipment and training services to help you in dealing with emergency cases such as Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

What is an AED Device?

An AED machine, or Automated External Defibrillator is a portable machine that you can buy to administer emergency treatment to people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. You will find AED kits installed in public places as well as in homes to give on-the-spot assistance in a cardiac emergency. This medical device analyses the heart’s rhythm and, if required, gives defibrillation – what we understand as an electric shock – to resume a normal heart rhythm. 

How does an AED defibrillator work?

While using an AED, a victim’s heart beat is monitored by an inside computer using sticky electrodes. The computer determines if defibrillation is necessary. If so, a pre-recorded voice instructs the rescuer to press the AED’s shock button. The heart is briefly stunned and stops beating as a result of this shock. It provides the heart a chance to start beating normally again. The user is guided through the procedure via audible cues. 

Buy AED Defibrillator in Singapore from HTM Medico

In Singapore, HTM Medico is one of the leading AED suppliers, where you can buy these automated defibrillators. With these for sale, we ensure you can access AEDs that are technologically advanced, affordable and easy-to-use, so that you have what you need to save a life.

Other than AED, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique which involves chest compressions and artificial ventilation to help restore blood circulation and breathing in a person who experienced a sudden cardiac arrest. For CPR training, you can get Brayden CPR Manikin and other AED trainer accessories, which assist in efficient and easy learning of all the aspects of the CPR procedure.

Products & Services

We offer a wide range of equipment and training services for your safety requirements.

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We are the AED Expert and the preferred AED supplier in the Singapore market for over 13 years of Deep Industry Experience

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JingXian Hong
Read More
We bought the AED from HTM Medico thru Yeap Medical. Jireh came down to give the training to our workers and colleague which was very informative and good. Good job HTM Medico ! Appreciate the good service.
Read More
My company Red eagle brought the AED life pack CR2 from HTM medico . Jireh came down to give us training for CPR AED and how to use the AED which was very informative and engaging . Thank you so much
Wei Hang Tan
Read More
It was a pleasure working with HTM Medico team. I was rushing to purchase several units of AEDs at late evening but really thanks to Amelie & the team for the great support by making the transaction possible at early morning on the next day! The team are responsive, patience and very professional! Strongly suggest to engage HTM Medico team for any AEDs enquries. Keep up the good works ya! Thank you.
William Neo
Read More
Recently purchased a HeartSine 350P for my organisation. The product is easy to operate and hope that I will not get to use it in real life. But kudos to Kyle Lin for his excellent customer service from product introduction to training. He is also very informative and maintaining his professionalism throughout the training. Highly recommended if you are also looking for a good and reliable product for yourself.
TEO Yeow Tiong Danny Teo (BNH)
Read More
Good and fast services. Recommend to use their AED equipment.
Lynn Liew
Read More
We had bought AED from HTM Brand : HeartSine Pad 350P Mr Jireh is very kind to come teach us how to use the AED in very detail. They are provide very good service and follow up from head till end. Thanks.
Anita Subramaniam
Read More
Supplier AEDs for work venue and conducted training for staff. Very good experience working with them. Kyle was professional and handled the whole training well. Ivy was helpful in arranging delivery and coordinating. Overall a great experience with them. Thank you team. Good work 👏🏼
Claire Michael
Read More
Professional, offered to come and share a mini training experience. Excellent value for money.
Christine Wong
Read More
We had an onsite workshop session with Jireh on CPR & AED Awareness. Jireh has good knowledge of CPR and AED and kept his class engaged by sharing scenarios and examples. We are looking forward to engage Jireh and HTM Medico again for learning!