Brayden Baby

Detailed Overview

Brayden Baby
The first Illuminating Infant CPR

Brayden Baby is the first ever illuminating infant CPR manikin that allows real-time visual feedback on infant’s chest compression and ventilation through the use of intuitive and interrelated lights.

Developed through the collaboration with European resuscitation experts, Brayden Baby’s unique characteristics include intuitive lights that enables real-time infant CPR feedback for ventilation training and lights providing real-time feedback for chest compression (depth, rate, recoil and finger/thumb position). When all elements of chest compression are performed correctly, an optimal CPR quality indication light illuminates on the forehead of the Brayden Baby manikin. These features aims to guide the student to perform good quality infant CPR. Brayden Baby is ideal for Paediatric BLS, EPALS and EPILS.

"The Brayden Baby is a very useful manikin for teaching good quality infant CPR according to current Guidelines. It has evidently been designed with help from experts! The lights on the manikin give excellent intuitive real-time CPR feedback and help guide the student to perform correct ventilation technique for an infant and also help guide the student to perform good quality chest compressions. It is essential that both these key component parts of infant CPR are performed to the highest level in real life to help optimise survival. The Brayden Baby manikin, in my opinion, is unique in its ability to do this."

Correct Ventilation
The lights at the lung section should illuminate steadily when correct volume and rate is administered.
Ventilating too fast

When ventilating too fast, the lights indicators will blink twice before fading off

Ventilating too much on the Brayden Baby
Ventilating too much

When over-ventilation occurs, the light indicators will blink rapidly

Chest Compression
Brayden Baby lights up when correct compression depth and rate is achieved
Correct Compression Rate and Depth

The chest compression can be performed on an infant using the 2-fingers method (or the 2-thumbs encircling technique) positioned in the middle, just below the nipple line. The correct compression depth is at least 1/3 of the AP (Anterior, Posterior) distance of the manikin, depth of the chest (4cm) and at the rate of 100 to 120 per minute. The ratio of compression to ventilation per cycle is subjected to compliance of local guidelines.

The real-time infant CPR feedback from the lights of Brayden Baby allow effective training and visualization of good quality chest compression and ventilation.

Compression too deep

Compression depth for infant CPR should be 1/3 of the AP distance of manikin (4cm). Press gently!

Incomplete compression release / recoil
Incomplete recoil / finger positioning

Brayden Baby will emit lights on the chest and on the sides of the head. However, the head will not light up.
Re-adjust your finger positioning or ensure a complete release / recoil between compression.

Compression too shallow

Compression depth for infant CPR should be 1/3 of the AP distance of manikin (4cm). Press harder!

Compression too fast

Compression rate should be between 100 – 120 per minute. The side head’s lights will blink rapidly if you compress over 120 per minute. The side head’s lights will blink slowly if you compress below 100 per minute.