After-sales Care

It is clear that AEDs can save lives. Proper maintenance of your AEDs will help ensure they perform in the event it is called to duty. The only thing more disappointing than not having an AED available in an emergency situation is having one that fails when called upon. This is especially true after considering how simple it can be to maintain an AED and guarantee that it will be fully functional in an emergency. Here’s a quick list to make sure your AED will be ready to save a life:

After-sales Care

HeartSine AED Maintenance Routine

  • Check the status indicator.
    If the green status indicator is not flashing approximately every 5 seconds, a problem has been detected.
  • Check for any physical damage of the AED
  • Check the expiry date of the HeartSine AED Pad-Pak (Located on the back of the AED). If the date has expired, contact us to purchase a replacement Pad-Pak and replace it immediately
Important: If the status indicator is flashing red or if the device is emitting a ‘beep’, check the expiry date on your Pad-Pak. If the expiry date has not been passed, turn on the AED by pressing on the front panel and listen for the voice prompt ‘call for medical assistance’. Then turn off by pressing on the front panel. If this action does not correct the problem, contact us immediately.

Do not turn on the AED unnecessary unless the status indicator is flashing red or when you need to use the AED in an emergency situation. As turning the AED will depletes the battery and  internal memory.

HeartSine AED has been used regularly to save precious life in Sudden Cardiac Arrests patient.
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For the 1st year of purchase, we include a complimentary Annual Preventive Maintenance Program which covers the following:

1. One-time onsite inspection to check on the following:

  1. Physical inspection of the AEDs to check for possible misuse or damage;
  2. Perform diagnostic test on the AEDs;
  3. Review the AED memory to assess if there’s any unclear memory;
  4. Check for any expiry items for both AED, first aid respondent kits;
  5. Check the condition of the AED Cabinet (if applicable);
  6. Debrief to the first aid team or personnel in charge on results of inspection and issue/problem(s) discovered.

2. Firmware upgrade for the customers as and when available;

3. Assist to download the event once AED has been activated/used

At the end of the 1st year complimentary Annual Preventive Maintenance Program, you have a choice to either sign up for the Annual Preventive Maintenance Program or to assign someone from your office to perform the maintenance in-house.

Contact our Customer Service Representative to find out more about our Annual Preventive Maintenance Program today.

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