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Medico Portable ECG Monitor EF1800



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Medico EF1800 ECG Monitor

Heart disease is sudden & transient. Capture it when it happens!
Concerned about palpitations, pain or shortness of breath felt by your family members or even yourself? Or that someone you value has a history of cardiovascular disease?

Now you can better monitor the condition of the heart that suffers unusual discomfort, and perhaps not fall victim to sudden cardiac death (SCD) that kills more than 1 Singaporean below 60 years old every day.

Medico Portable ECG Monitor, EF1800 is a device that can record and store the ECG (Electro Cardio Graph) display of your heart. It is based on the hospital ECG recorder, with the added features of portability, ease of use, and timeliness that can save your heart and life.

Advantages of Medico Portable ECG Monitor EF1800

Timely Detection

Heart disease is sudden and transient. In many cases, the Patient is unable to record the electrocardiograph at the time when his heart is not feeling well. By the time the Patient consults his doctor, he might not be able to repeat the same symptoms and doctor will have problems detecting the root problems. With Medico portable ECG monitor EF1800, you can timely detect and record the abnormality of the heart when you feel unwell and experience mild discomfort in the body (Heart).

Diagnosis Assistance

You can make a measurement by using the EF1800 anytime, anyplace. It takes only 30-seconds to make a measurement, and the screen will display the Analysis Result, Waveform and Heart Rate. The results are accurate, reliable and can be stored. Thus provides doctor with useful information regarding your heart’s condition.

Early Prevention

You can routinely perform ECG measurements and record the health condition of heart for early prevention.

Suitable Users

Heart disease patients and family members, sub-healthy group, prevention and health care group (adult).

Simple Operation

Comes with 2.8 inch TFT Color Display and an intelligent menu display with humanized button.

  • Product Features
  • Technical Data
  • How to use?
Product Features
  • Small size, lightweight & very portable
  • Standard Lead II Measurement
  • 8 Inch TFT Color Display
  • Support up to 4 different measurement methods
  • Complete a ECG Measurement in 30 seconds
  • Results include ECG waveform, heart rates and diagnosis
  • Internal memory can store up to 24 measurements
  • Results can be stored in device or memory card provided
  • Intelligent display menu with user-friendly button
  • 2 Years warranty against manufacturing defects
Technical Data
  • Heart Rate Range: 30 ~ 200 bpm
  • Heart Rate Measurement Error: < +5%
  • Electrical Safety: Internally Powered, BF-Type Device
  • Power Supply: 2 AAA Batteries
  • Operating Temperatures: 50C ~ 400C
  • Operating Humidity: <80%
  • Storage Temperature: -200C ~ 600C
  • Storage Humidity: 10% ~ 90%
  • Weight: Approximately 100g
  • Dimension: 125mm x 68mm x 20mm
  • Included Accessories: 1G SD Memory Card, User Manual & Software
  • Optional Accessories: ECG Lead Wires (EC1000)
How to use?

This portable ECG Monitor can provide four different measurement methods. The user can take their measurement according to the following methods:

  1. Chest Measurement
  2. Hand Measurement
  3. Ankle Measurement
  4. Lead Wires Measurement


We recommend you to measure by the methods of lead wires measurement or measurement on chest. In the case of inconvenience, you can measure using other method of measurements.

Diagnostic Tools

Fingertip Pulse OxiMeter



Tel: (65) 6744 5911

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Fingertip Pulse OxiMeter is a portable non-invasive device intended for spot-checking of oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2), and pulse rate of adult and pediatric patients.

Product Features

  • High brightness digital LED displays SpO2, PR and Pulse bar.
  • Simple operation for immediate, real-time spot checks.
  • Automatic power-off function. Battery-low indicator.
  • Convenient, durable carrying pouch, One lanyard, 2 AAA alkaline batteries, one user manual.
  • Suitable for adult and pediatric.Intended for sports and/or aviation use only; Can be used by a variety of sports enthusiasts, including mountain climbers, high-altitude activities, hikers, skiers, bikers, running and others interested in measuring oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

Diagnostic Tools

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer



Tel: (65) 6744 5911

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The HuBDIC non-contact infrared thermometer is a contactless temperature measurement device that can be used to take temperature.

Special Feature

  • No probe filter, no contact, no virus
  • Back light function for dark place
  • LCD display for digital display
  • Multi-measurement
  • Body temperature data store, maximum 32
  • Fever alarm
  • Easy measurement
  • Automatically power off
  • Power supply: AAA type battery
  • Pocket Size

  • Specification of Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Specification of Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Measurement Method Infrared measurement, Non-Contact measurement
Transport and Storage Condition 16oC to 40oC (60.8oF to 104oF) Humidity: below 95%,
Atmospheric Pressure (hPa) 700~1060
Measurement distance 2 to 3cm from the measuring point is the temple area
Measurement range Body temperature: 22oC to 42.5oC (71.6oF to 108.5oF)
Accuracy +0.2 oC (36oC to 39oC), Other Accuracy +0.3 oC
Wide temperature: 10oC to 80oC (50oF to 176oF), Accuracy +2 oC
Measuring time Less than 2 seconds, continuous measurement
Resolution 0.1 oC
Memory function Automatically body temperature data (maximum 32) stored
Back-Light If measurement complete, lighted 3 seconds
Automatic Power Off Automatically off in a minute
Accessory FS-700 1 set, Manual, Battery (AAA type) 2 ea
Power Supply 3V (AAA 1.5V Battery 2ea)

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