CarbonCool® Intensive Cooling Treatment System

Compression Cooling System, Dry & Portable

The CarbonCool® intensive cooling system is dry, portable, and allows for quick and easy application to the human bdy for quick and easy application to the human body for compression cooling. The CarbonCool® system allows a snug fit to anybody type and is also suitable for multiple use.

  • Intended Use
  • Instruction to use
Intended Use

CarbonCool® Pad Holder is used for holding the placement of frozen MPad™ in the desired anatomical location of the patient to prevent unnecessary movement of the frozen MPad™ during therapy.

CarbonCool® Pad Holder is to be used as an accompaniment to the frozen MPad™, which is used for temperature reduction of patients when hypothermia (note: for hypothermia therapy patients must be at least 35 kg of body weight) or normothermia therapy that is clinically indicated (Hyperthermia, Cardiac Arrest, Stroke, Myocardial Infarction, Sepsis, Septic Shock, Traumatic Brain Injury, Fever, Local Pain Relief in Blunt Trauma and Post Surgical Rehabilitation).

Instruction to use
  • Remove the frozen MPadTM from the vacuum pack carbon-cool-instruction-to-use
  • Detach the Velcro from each pocket of CarbonCool® Pad Holder
  • Insert each frozen MPadTM into all pockets of the CarbonCool® Pad Holder
  • Ensure the flat surface of the frozen MPadTM inside the pocket is facing the black surface of the CarbonCool® Pad Holder
  • Overlap the black pocket with Velcro over the frozen MPadTM
  • Ensure the frozen MPadTM is fully tucked in with the Velcro firmly adhere to each pocket in the CarbonCool® Pad Holder
  • Repeat this process until all pockets of the CarbonCool® Pad Holder are filled with frozen MPadTM
  • The CarbonCool® Pad Holders that are fully loaded with the frozen MPadTM are ready for use immediately or to be stored in the freezer or storage pack
CONTRAINDICATIONS: This set is not a medical treatment device by itself; therefore, there are no absolute contra-indications for its use. Use of this set is subject to any contra-indications of using neoprene and carbon during cooling therapy in general.
WARNING: For single use only. Do not attempt to sterilize or clean the product for further use. The product must be used once only and disposed after use. Any intention to reuse may cause serious cross contamination and damage to the integrity and proper functioning of the device.

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Cools faster, lasts longer. Designed for cold compression and multiple usage across many verticals.

Active & Recovery Cooling

Rapid body cooling is applicable for firefighters to reduce core body temperature during and after training and/or operation. Active cooling is proven to reduce mean core temperature, heart rate and leukocyte count of Firefighters, preventing heat stress and possible injuries.

In Sports, cold and compression (in R-I-C-E principles) are routinely applied immediately after acute injury to alleviate pain, reduce swelling and speed functional recovery.

Comfort Cooling (HAZMAT)

For personnel donning protective wear such as the Hazmat suit, our cooling system is able to provide sustained comfort and heat
stress reduction.

Reduces Risk of Heat Injury
Continuous cooling aids to extract excess heat and maintain a balanced temperature within the protective suit, preventing overheating.

During Operations Cooling
Cooling during operations helps keep the wearer comfortable within the suit, boosting alertness and work capacity.

Medical Application

√ Reduce Inflammation
√ Reduce Swelling
√ Reduce Pain
√ Reduce Muscle Spasm
√ Reduce Cardiac Output
√ Reduce Oxygen Consumption
√ Improve Cardiovascular Stability (circulatory disorder)
√ Improve Serum Lactate Clearance
√ Targeted Temperature Management
√ Continue Temperature Management beyond 24 hours
√ Out-of-Hospital Cooling

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